HFSB/HFA Institutional Investor Roundtable

September 21, 2017

Location: Sydney, Australia
Contact: Adriana Kostov
Email: akostov@thehfa.org

The Hedge Fund Association is pleased to support the Hedge Fund Standards Board’s Institutional Investor Roundtable in Sydney, Australia, hosted by Bloomberg, as part of the 2015 Global Series.

The Hedge Fund Standards Board is a standard setting body for the global hedge fund industry, which brings together investors and managers from around the world to promote high standards of practice in the industry. It is custodian of the Hedge Fund Standards which: (a) provide a mechanism for promoting transparency, integrity and governance; (b) facilitate investor due diligence; (c) help safeguard the reputation of the industry; (d) complement public policy.

The HFSB carries out its mission of promoting high standards by:

  • Collaborating with managers and investors to create an “eco-system” where users and providers come together to agree the Standards for the hedge fund industry and how it should operate.
  • Regularly reviewing the Standards to ensure that they remain relevant and in tune with the evolution of the industry.
  • Actively engaging with the governmental/supervisory community so that regulation reflects how the industry works and the Standards reflect public policy requirements.

This roundtable will focus on:

  • Institutional investor priorities for 2015
  • Critical assessment of institutional risk management techniques
  • Due Diligence – Redemptions and rating
  • Operations & Compliance
  • Conflicts of Interest