ASK 2015

September 21, 2017

Location: Seoul, Korea
Contact: Raymond Kang
Discount: HFA Members 20%

As the Korean Government (FSS) and institutional investors are embracing hedge funds for alternative solution to fixed income (80% of portfolio) substitute by bringing stable, consistent, and absolute returns regardless of market environments, a significant portion of an approx. USD $2 trillion investable asset is waiting to be allocated to global hedge funds.

NPS ($435 bn) has announced their global hedge fund investment in 2015 and can play a leading catalyst role for the rest of Korean institutional investors.

The ASK 2015 Hedge Fund Summit is a meeting point and communication hub for both global fund managers and Korean institutional investors who are looking for overseas investment opportunities. The total AUM of Korean institutions will grow from USD 2tn to approx. 5tn over the next 30 years.

The domestic market cannot provide sufficient attractive investment opportunities due to stagnant economic growth and an aging society. Korean institutions are actively looking for return enhancement and diversification opportunities from the overseas market in real estate, infrastructure, private equity, private debt, hedge funds etc.

Finding alternatives to fixed income is the key theme of the summit as Korean institutions are allocating 60-80% to fixed income with low return. They are looking for solutions to diversify risk and enhance return.

As most Korean investors are still at the early stage of overseas investment, this summit program provides an overview of various strategies and regions for both private debt, equity, infrastructure and hedge funds.

ASK is well regarded for its high attendance from Korean investors. Last May there were 646 participants including 338 investors and 308 global managers and others.

Keynote Speech:
NPS (National Pension Service) &
KIC (Korea Investment Corporation)

Korea Participants:
Top-Tier Institutional Investors, Financial Regulatory Officials, Securities Firms, Banks, and Service Providers

Korea Speakers:
Korea Post
Hanwha Securities
Kyobo Securities
Samil PwC, and more
IK Song/ASK Organizer, CAIA/Special Columnist of
Korea Economic Daily

Cost of 2 Summits:
Hedge Fund Summit Only (5/14/15): USD 1,200
Private Debt & Equity Summit Only (5/13/15): USD 1,800
Both Summits (5/13 & 5/14): USD 2,500