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Tired Of Low Temps And High Taxes? Miami Is Working Hard To Lure Hedgies South

March 9, 2018

The Hedge Fund Association and the Miami Downtown Development Authority recently conducted a joint survey to find out what professionals in the asset management industry thought about relocating to The Sunshine State.  Unsurprisingly, two things that topped the list of why industry executives would consider heading south are quality of life and low taxes. Below is a selection of articles published in the wake of our survey.

Trump’s Plan is Making Rich People Flee to Florida To Avoid Higher Taxes (Newsweek)

Tax-Hike Fears Trigger Talk of Exodus From Manhattan and Greenwich (Bloomberg)

Miami Could Attract Hedge Funds if SALT Deductions Axed (Law360)

Big Money: How Miami is Becoming a Haven for Rich Investors (South Florida Business Journal)

Will Tax Reform Prompt an Exodus To Florida After All (BIZNOW)