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LLC FUND MANAGER Joins The Hedge Fund Association

March 8, 2018

LLC FUND MANAGER is happy to announce that it has joined the Hedge Fund Association.

LLC FUND MANAGER software streamlines and automates the entire process of managing an investment fund. Features include automated member payments via check or ACH, statements, web portals, K-1’s, and General Ledger accounting. The system also handles more complicated scenarios like automatic reinvestment, mid-period buy/sells, debt and equity investments, etc..

The software greatly cuts down on the time required to process payments and send out member statements, preferred yield payouts, management fee splits, and year-end processing becomes a breeze.

“We are extremely excited about finding the Hedge Fund Association and immediately joined after speaking with the CEO Mitch Ackles,” said Bob Spier, Chief Architect of LLC FUND MANAGER. He continued, “We have worked mostly with private money real estate funds over the past 20 plus years, but the needs are almost identical to the average hedge fund manager.”

LLC FUND MANAGER will be showcased at the upcoming annual 2018 Hedgeopolis seminar in New York and we will be making an ongoing effort to educate the members of the Hedge Fund Association on the software product and its overall features and functionality.


LLC FUND MANAGER is a Mortgage+Care LOAN SERVICING SOFT product. MCLSS is a privately held company based in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Since 1983 MCLSS has provided fund managers, lenders, and loan servicers with high-quality software solutions for managing their portfolios. LLC FUND MANAGER and our other software products are used by a growing number of financial organizations all around the world.