Paul Gray


  • HFA Global Board of Directors
  • HFA New York Regional Director


  • Founder & CEO, Ironhold Capital Management

Mr. Paul Gray is the CEO and Founder of the global value-based hedge fund Ironhold Capital Management headquartered in New York City. Mr. Gray spends the majority of his time building product, managing teams and scaling company operations and systems.

Mr. Gray brings over a decade of asset management experience after overseeing a family real estate portfolio while also working in Product Development at Morgan Stanley and in Corporate Credit at Societe Generale. Today Mr. Gray is the proud host of “Leaders in Business and Investing” which features some of the top business leaders and investment managers in the world.

Furthermore he is also the founder of the Capital Allocators Roundtable, a forum for Family Offices, as well as Iron100, a private investor community for affluent individuals. Mr. Gray also holds an Executive MBA from Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business and holds a Bachelor’s of Science from Pace University.