Emily Slocum


  • HFA Global Board of Directors


  • Global Head of Client Services, GQR Global Markets

Emily Slocum is the Global Head of Client Services for GQR Global Markets, a leading talent acquisition and search advisory firm recognized as being one of the fastest growing privately-owned companies in the nation. Backed by seven years of industry experience in executive search, her mission is to lead GQR’s global strategy on business development and client relationship management through holistic client services programs.

These programs include:
·        Talent Acquisition
·        Marketing & PR
·        Employer Branding
·        Recruitment Marketing
·        Experiences & Events
·        Talent Optimization
·        Learning & Development
·        People Analytics

Before devoting her work full time to client services, Emily developed and led a highly successful sales division based out of GQR’s New York office. Leveraging this experience, Emily has become an advocate for helping women in pursuit of careers in financial services or sales. She is equally as passionate to support a large number of charities, particularly those benefiting children.

Emily oversees Women on Wall Street, a MeetUp group based in New York City. This venture led to the launch of an annual meeting aiming to educate and support diversity and inclusion initiatives in the workplace. In addition to her philanthropic pursuits, Emily runs her own clothing line, which Forbes featured in an article highlighting Wall Street entrepreneurs and creatives. She has been on the HFA Board of Directors since 2017.